Services Offered

An intensive clinical and functional face-to-face evaluation by a Licensed Professional of an individual’s presenting mental health, developmental disability, and/or substance abuse condition that results in the issuance of a written report, providing the clinical basis for the development of a Person-Centered Plan [PCP] and recommendations for services/supports/treatment.

This is an intensive service that provides treatment to: assist individuals to gain access to necessary services; reduce psychiatric and addiction symptoms; and develop optimal community living skills. (In other words, the service is flexible and can be provided in a lot of different ways to make sure we best meet your needs. If you need help getting into a recovery program, vocational program, or other service, we can assist you in the process. If you have a crisis, or need to be hospitalized, you can call us. If you are having difficulty finding a residential program, we can help you, etc.)

Outpatient Treatment is designed to meet the clinically significant behavioral or psychological symptoms or patterns that have been identified as treatment needs for a recipient. It is provided through scheduled therapeutic treatment sessions and may be provided to individuals, families, or groups in various settings.

Peer Support Services (B3) (Alliance)

Individual Supports (B3) (Sandhills)

Durham Public Schools/Johnston County MH Co-located Services